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“We saved a lot of money and now have a better understanding of our clients’ needs”

Carlos Jiménez
Fast Lane Franchising, Inc.

Carlos Jiménez is the founder and owner of Fast Lane Franchising, Inc. a successful chain of car wash and lube stations with a loyal client client base and a steady growth. For 12 years, he has strived to offer the best service to his clients and have conducted countless market studies, including expensive mystery shopper services.  However, Jimenez felt he needed to hear more about what his clients had to say, truly understand their perception about the service, and above all, know if they were compelled to recommend Fast Lane to other people.

The quest“We used to invest a considerable amount of money on mystery shoppers and other research efforts. These provided us with numbers we analyzed and gave us guidance, but data was overwhelming and also left us with more questions than answers” said Jiménez.

Keeping up the promise of fast service is crucial for Jiménez. However, market studies results did not give him an easy way to pin-point the exact time, location or specific issues his clients were referring to when surveyed. Moreover, he was unable to compare client’s comments with Fast Lane’s daily service logs.  He considered installing a sophisticated system of digital timers to record time spent on each servicing as a way to measure productivity. Then, Jiménez realized this will quantify the length of the service according to internal criteria, but not the client’s perception -which is really what they needed to know- and decided to look into other alternatives.The solution

“Then we found TellMe Box, a simple, very affordable cloud-based service that allowed us to survey the clients at the very moment of the service. We installed a tablet next to the cashier on each of our locations. Now we ask clients to take 20 seconds to answer a brief questionnaire with exactly what we need: Was the service fast? Will you recommend us to others?  Please, provide us with your email.  The client receives a discount coupon by e-mail immediately after they finish answering. Each of the managers can monitor online or on their mobile devices the responses specific to their location and make adjustments if necessary. I also chose to receive the results of each survey on my mobile phone, so I have been able to establish a direct communication with several clients, gather more information when needed, and learn about their perception and expectations like never before….

With TellMe Box, because our clients let us know how we are doing each time immediately, we have improved our quality, we are faster than ever.  Our client becomes our supervisor on the spot, we have a better grasp on our client needs at the very moment we serviced them, plus we saved a lot of money”  Jiménez concluded.